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How to use music and dance to empower yourself?

Music is an awesome enhancer of people’s emotions. It could amplify those feelings that are already inside us, or it could bring about feelings that we didn’t even know existed. Check out this video of Urban Kiz lady styling choreography from Erica Drwiega, Mickaela and FridaEllinor. Pay attention to the dancers, do you believe music contributes to their confidence and sense of power or subtracts from it?

Music is like a time machine that could bring you back in time and space, where you’ve experienced something special. It can give you the opportunity to relive certain moments that are important to you.

Maybe there was a time that you felt sad and you listened to a song and it made you feel really good about yourself and now you associate the song with happy memories. Or maybe you listen to a song and it makes you feel angry, and then you turn that anger into something positive by working on something creative.

Two women in black clothes dance on stage and look back facing forward

It’s a very powerful tool that you can use whenever you want to feel a certain way. So why don’t we use it in our favor? Why don’t we create the desired present and future with the songs that will make us feel good and bring success and happiness in our lives?

We can use it to uplift our spirit and strengthen our will to pursue our goals and aspirations in life. Instead of just listening to random songs and sitting on the couch feeling sad or angry when we should be going out and making an impact in the world. Let’s use the power that we have to create something awesome with it! Let’s empower ourselves!

Most of people lack self-confidence and self-worth which leads to unhappiness and unfulfillment in life. If we really want to make a difference in this world we have to be empowered from within. It’s important for us to have self belief and know that we are capable of achieving what we want to. We have to go after our passions and never settle for anything less than what we deserve. We really need to focus on our strengths and on what we are good.

So why don’t we choose the right music for it to listen to on a daily basis? Why not create the future we want by using the songs that will inspire and empower us to go out and achieve our ambitions and goals in life? So let’s start making a difference today and stop listening to depressing songs and start choosing the ones that will set us up for success.

Follow these 3 simple steps to empower yourself:

1. Write down a list of reasons why you lack self confidence

In order to build up your self confidence you need to be aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You have to be able to identify the things that are keeping you from going after your goals and then work to overcome them.

The first step is to write down a list of all the reasons why you feel the way you do. It’s important to get all of the negative thoughts out of your head so that you can let them go and replace them with positive and powerful thoughts instead. Once you do this you will be able to see where it all stems from and you will realize that it’s not as big of a deal as you once thought.

2. For each reason, write down a counter argument of why that shouldn’t stop you

Being scared to go for what you really want in life is probably one of the most limiting belief you can have and it can make you lose a lot of opportunities that you actually want in your life. If you really want things to change then you are going to have to stop thinking the same and make some changes in the way you think.

You have to train your mind to start believing in yourself and to believe that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

“Where our attention goes, energy flows.”

That’s a great quote by Norman Vincent Peale and it really sums up what you should do if you want to change your mindset.

So start by writing down for each of your negative belief a reason why it is just an illusion. Find a counter argument for each illusion that you made yourself to believe in. Just change your perspective of that specific matter.

For example, if you are thinking that you are not beautiful enough, the first thing to ask yourself is: Who decides who is beautiful? How beauty standards changed through history?

And then you may realize that beauty is not an attribute but it’s a subjective term that most of the time is based on cultural or social circumstances.

So that means that anyone can call themselves beautiful if they feel beautiful about themselves. You may want to change the word beautiful with the one that makes you feel better, like “unique” for example: I am unique and valuable the way I am.

I haven’t seen even one small child that is looking in the mirror without admiration. If they aren’t taught by adults that they are ugly, they will naturally see themselves very beautiful.

After challenging yourself to listen to your inner truth and guidance, you will start to realize how insignificant these beliefs are in comparison to your true purpose – to live a happy and joyful life.

3. Dance with new ideas about yourself

Chose a space where you feel safe to express yourself freely and confidently. It may be your room, your garden, your bathroom or even the dance floor during a party. You may even want to call up your friends and let yourself be empowered by unity and friendship.

Turn on the music that empowers you, start to move with the rhythm and let yourself be swept off your fit by your confidence. Imagine that this new self that you want to become is already within you. The new you is already here, on this dance floor. You are already dancing with him or her, but you just haven’t realized it yet.

Allow your new self to express to the fullest and be free in your mind, body and spirit. Know that you have all the potential to be however you want to be.

Your fears are just illusions, they hold you back from your highest potential, so let them go. Embrace yourself and your power that lies within.

Music is going to help you see things differently and let emotions flow through your body naturally. Let yourself enjoy this experience and have fun with your newfound confidence. Dance and enjoy it! Enjoy who you really are!

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