A woman in greet costume and a man performing kizomba dance in from of an audience

How to dance in front of an audience

Dancing is one of the most exciting and exhilarating things that you can do. It is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and build self-confidence. Yet performing in front of a bunch of people can be a challenging thing, especially if you don’t feel comfortable to be watched by other people. So, how do you become a better dance performer? Let’s find out the 5 simple steps that will help you achieve this goal.

Check out this video of Azzedine and Sara Panero dancing Kizomba in front of the audience. They are a perfect dance couple to get inspiration from.

Connect with the music

Couple dances kizomba in front of an audience

Music is the most powerful tool that can transmute you into other state of mind. So you can choose to be at the same wave length with the melody you are dancing to. Learn to sync with the music by practicing it every day in a familiar environment. You may select the rhythms that are more comfortable for you and that are better describing your state of mind. Or, you may play a little bit and chose each time a melody with the opposite mood from yours. By doing so, you will get better at tuning in quicker and quicker with the song. So, when you will perform in front of auditory, you will dive into the music in seconds and this will anchor you into the present moment.

Connect to your body’s sensations.

What do you feel in each body part when you dance? What moves gives you the most pleasant sensations? What feelings are you getting from the chosen melody? Try to answer this questions before your performance, when you practice your choreography. This way it will be easier to listen to your body during your dance in front of people.

Express your passion for dance

Have an intention of why you chose this music and this choreography for this particular moment in your life. Then express it while performing. The audience will be able to feel it and will relate to your energy. This will lift the energy in the room and make your performance more alive and engaging. Focus on your passion for what you are doing and this will uplift your mood instantly and your anxiety will disappear of at least will become weaker. Remember, people are watching dance shows not for the reason to see a bunch of dance moves, but rather for the passion and energy of performers.

Let go of the need and desire to be liked

The more you don’t care about what others are thinking about you, the more attractive you become for them. Let go of desire to be liked, you are not 1,000,000 dollars to be wanted by everyone. You are valuable the way you are, because you are unique and there is no other person in the world who has the same DNA, talents, skills and energy. You are here to share your uniqueness with this world.

Interact with your audience

And last but not least, in order to become a better performer, you need to interact with your audience. It is important that the audience feels your energy, so interact with it, be positive and smile. Those people are here for you and not against you. Nowadays people are craving for human connection, so give them a chance to know you, the real you. Authenticity is the key to other people’s hearts. While dancing, look at them as they are your closest friends and make them feel important and seen. This will make you not only a great performer, but a person who is great to be around.

Bonus tip

And now, that you’ve read till the end, I will give you a bonus tip as a reward for your true interest. Choose for your performance the clothes that stand out. It may be some colorful clothes or very classy and stylish. The most important thing is to chose those clothes, that make you smile and feel confident in your own skin. The clothes should be a projection of our souls. And when you perform, let the people discover your beautiful soul through your dance.

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