Man and woman dancing tango and performing dip

Consider tango for your wedding dance

When you think of a wedding dance, your mind probably doesn’t go immediately to tango. But take one look at today’s video, and you might start to see why it could just be the best choice you have ever made.

You have probably attended quite a few weddings where the first dance looks pretty much the same. Gentle, romantic, and touching, the first dance brings a tear to many people’s eyes, but they do all have a tendency to blend into one. What if you and your bride or groom to be are that bit different? If you want a wedding dance that your guests are certain to remember, tango could be just the thing for you.

Women in a red dress dancing tango with a man in white shirt and black pants

That isn’t to say that the tango isn’t romantic. Of course, it is. But it is a different kind of romantic than what you might be used to seeing as a wedding first dance. Sometimes known as the “forbidden dance”, it is dramatic, intimate, and a little bit sexy. And there is nothing that quite catches the eye as seeing a couple dance the tango well. There is a mystery to the tango and a sense of flair that you don’t often see in wedding dances.

Depending on the style of tango, it can be danced in an open embrace, a closed embrace, or a mixture of the two. And it often has quite complex figures that will look very impressive when you and your new husband or wife take to the dance floor for the first time. Not only will your guests be swept away by the drama and romance of the dance, but they will also be floored by how impressive the two of you look.

“But I don’t know how to tango” you might be saying. That’s ok! Presuming you are planning your wedding with some time to spare, you have plenty of opportunities to learn. Many dance studios and schools offer specific wedding dance choreography and lessons. Your dance teacher will help you to choose an appropriate song, create a choreography that suits you and your partner, and will coach you for a few months leading up to the big day. So you can be sure that when you do step out onto that dance floor, you will set the room on fire.

For a wedding day, and night, to remember you can’t put a foot wrong by dancing the tango as your very first dance together as a married couple.